Our mission

  • Character first

    Guided by the core value of Star Epoch Academy, the children will be taught to be responsible and concerned for their family, nation and the world, and willing to make contributions to them.

  • Outstanding abilities

    Develop the abilities of observation, emotion regulation, self-control, self-help, self-learning, problem analyzing and settling, teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.

  • Chinese and Western fusion

    Rooted in Chinese culture with global perspective

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A letter from Star Epoch Academy

Dear parents:

Thank you very much for paying attention to NetDragon Star Epoch Academy(SEA)!

All parents want their children to grow up happily. Nowadays, under the score-oriented education environment, parents are getting anxious, while the school, becomes a place that children even don’t want to go. What is the good education? What kinds of school will be the dream school of students? We ask the question for ourselves. The pursuit of the answer keeps guiding us to move forward and secure us never get lost in such a complex world.

In SEA, we hope children not only master various kinds of knowledge and skills, learn how to survive, but also grow a healthy body and character, develop diversified interests, and learn how to enjoy the life.

More importantly, we hope on the basis of leading the kids to learn about self-survival and living, so that they know further thinking, they will cherish life, they learn gratitude, love, tolerance and acceptance. Only these will make them keep calm and peaceful in the future...

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