About SEA Teacher Team School Advantage

A High-Tech School that Embraces the Future

·The complete internet education production line of NetDragon provides strong support for the classrooms in the school

·Every classroom is provided with the world top interactive multi-touch whiteboard of Promethean

·Every student is provided with one 101PAD

·Using high-tech such as VR and AR to help with the teaching in order to attract the interest of the students

·Utilizing high-tech to customize the learning activities of students

A School in Nature

SEA owns unique natural environment strengths. During their daily learning, the students can run and play with each other on grassland, beach and among pinewood, getting closer to the animals and plants in farmland, ranch and peacock garden.

Small-Class Teaching and Super-High Teacher-Student Ratio

Small-class teaching is adopted, with every teacher to take charge of the teaching and management of 6 students on average, so that they have more time to educate and help the children. Meanwhile, every child can obtain more attention and space for discourse and self-presentation. In this way, the students can develop themselves in a more comprehensive and outstanding way.

Individualized Instruction and Thoughtful Accompany

·Respect the diversity in the characters of kids, pay attention to their mood, and assist them to grow up healthily

·Implement the idea of direct management and accompany the children with both love and heart

·Explore the different specialties and interests of children, and draft individualized curriculum that fits their physical and psychological development rules well

·Pay attention to the difference in the way and progress of learning among students, and provides one-to-one instruction, and assign individualized homework

One-Stop Service

·One-stop service of teaching, interest-oriented class and tutorship (from 8:30am to 7:40pm) can save your time in frequently picking up the children within one day and tutoring the children in their homework.

·In winter or summer vacation, a lot of activity camps and tutorship classes are offered, which makes children to have a quality vocation and you can be spared of the trouble of finding a proper tutoring institution.

·Everyday students are provided with snacks and food for twice, which are made of organic materials to assure a health diet for the children.