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Formal launching of SEA

NetDragon Star Epoch Academy (hereinafter referred to as SEA) is a high-end private school funded and founded by NetDragon Websoft Inc. on September 1st, 2017. The school is provided with the curricula starting from first grade of primary school.

First stop – Changle

The primary school of SEA is situated at Changle Haixi Animation City, Hunan Town, Fuzhou, Fujian. Now there are modernized classrooms, interesting discipline-based functional rooms, and complete cultural-sports facilities.

Modernized Classroom

The complete internet education product line of NetDragon provides a strong support for the school classrooms. Every classroom is provided with the world top interactive multi-touch whiteboard of Promethean. Every student is provided with one 101PAD. Using high-tech such as VR and AR to help with the teaching in order to attract the interest of the students. Utilizing high-tech to customize the learning activities of students.

Interesting Discipline-Based Functional Rooms

There are classrooms allocated for the teaching of science, art, music, meditation, computer, English, Chinese, and math, making every student enjoy their learning process.

Complete Cultural-Sports Facilities

The rich culture and sports resources, including swimming pool, football field, and basketball court, etc., which can enrich the after-class life of students and achieve their all-round development.

Make the Future Possible

After the new campus is completed, our school will form a consistent 12-year teaching system from primary school to middle school and be an integrated school with 1,200 students (pick-ups and board students)

Primary school

Lower secondary

Upper secondary